DW Coding LLC

Your Premier Medical Coding and Billing Partner

Welcome to DW Coding LLC

DW Coding LLC is committed to serving the healthcare community with top-tier medical billing and coding services. Our mission is to cultivate strong client relationships, surpassing set goals, and delivering exceptional economic value to fuel growth within their organizations.

  • Medical Coding Services

    Our certified coders ensure accurate code assignment for diagnosis, procedures and services, optimizing reimbursement and compliance.

  • Charge Entry

    We meticulously enter and verify charges, minimizing errors and ensuring all billable services are accounted for.

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Our Mission

At DW Coding LLC, our mission is to be the unwavering backbone of healthcare providers. With 15 years of experience, we’re dedicated to simplifying the complexities of medical billing and coding. Our aim is to relieve the pressure, to ensure that healthcare practitioners can focus on what matters most- providing exceptional care to their patient’s. We commit to accuracy, compliance, and a human touch in everything we do. Through our expertise and innovation, we empower healthcare practices to thrive and grow while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and ethics. 

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Redefining Excellence

In Medical Billing and Coding

At DW CODING LLC, we’ve honored our expertise in the intricate art of medical billing and coding over 15 years, and for past three years, we’ve been your steadfast partner in navigating the pressure points of this critical healthcare domain.

We understand that the world of medical billing and coding can be a pressure cooker. The complexities of ever-changing regulations and the crucial role it plays in the healthcare revenue cycle can be overwhelming.  That’s where we come in.